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Vaishaal Shankar

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I am a year graduate student working with Ben Recht.

My research interests lie in the intersection of machine learning and distributed systems. More specifically I am interested in the design, analysis and implementation of practical machine learning algorithms suitable for massive datasets.

You can contact me at vaishaal at eecs dot berkeley dot edu

This page is currently under (perpetual) construction


Morrow, A., Shankar, V, Petersohn, D., Yosef, N., Recht, B., Joseph, A.D (2016, December). Convolutional Kitchen Sinks for Transcription Factor Binding Site Prediction. NIPS Workshop on Machine Learning in Computational Biology pdf talk

Shankar, V., Zhang, J., Chen, J., Dinh, C., Clements, M., & Zakhor, A. (2016, February). Approximate Subgraph Isomorphism for Image Localization. International Symposium on Electronic Imaging

Shankar, V., & Culler, D. (2015, March). A Modern Student Experience in Systems Programming. In Proceedings of the Second (2015) ACM Conference on Learning@ Scale (pp. 233-236). ACM.

Kantchelian, A., Tschantz, M. C., Afroz, S., Miller, B., Shankar, V., Bachwani, V., Bachwani, R., Joseph, A.D. & Tygar, J. D. (2015, October). Better malware ground truth: Techniques for weighting anti-virus vendor labels. In Proceedings of the Eigth ACM Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Security (pp. 45-56). ACM.

Miller, B., Kantchelian, A., Tschantz, M.C., Afroz, S., Bahwani, R., Faizullabhoy, R., Huang, L., Shankar, V., Wu, T., Yiu, G., Joseph, A.D. & Tygar, J. D (2016 July). Reviewer Integration and Performance Measurement for Malware Detection. 13th Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment

Tech Reports

Iliopoulos, F., Moulous, V., Shankar, V., & Simchowitz, M. Gradients for the Loss!.

Other Useful Stuff

Git for advanced beginners - Git slide deck I made a couple years ago

Tutorials - A list of tutorials on various mathy things curated by my good friend Achal Dave

Is Thirteen? - I have nothing to do with this but very useful tool.

On the side

I am an officer in the Cal Running Club, a low stress social running club that meets at Kroeber 5:30 pm every week day (during the school year). Come say hi!